Berndard Hull

Australian tenor, Bernard Hull is well known for both his vocal abilities and his acting skills. His international experience as a principal performer in commercial music theatre, opera, oratorio and film is extensive but his considerable talents are not limited to these areas alone.

Bernard is also a composer and an experienced music arranger, recording engineer and music producer. He plays lead guitar and electric bass as well as drum kit and dabbles on keyboard. He combines his instrumental and engineering skills in his own well equipped recording studio which is kitted out with very high quality instruments (both real and virtual) and high quality analogue and digital equipment which enables him to create professional recordings of both his own and others' music.

Bernard has six solo albums on CD and a double album of his own original rock opera, (in which he sings the title role) He is responsible for all the music arrangements and audio engineering as well as playing all the accompanying instruments on most of his albums.

Bernard has a rich and powerful, lyric/spinto tenor voice. His secure upper register, solid technique and physical stamina, have enabled him to sing some of the most demanding tenor roles in the operatic repertoire. His well tuned acting skills and rubber face give him the ability to portray a wide variety of character types and his musicianship, diction and language skills complete the package.

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